Loïc Etter
CEO und IT

Loïc is responsible for Sweather’s website and team organization. Digitalisation is his passion and he loves playing with technology. The website and all the processes have been programmed by him.

Jeremy Küng

While other people still struggle in math with finding the right answer to 1+1, Jeremy is busy with mathematical vectors. Long story short, Jeremy thinks in numbers which is why accounting is the perfect place for him to be.

Jaelle Hadorn

Jaelle is Sweather’s talented organizer. When things matter she quietly operates in the background. Little do people know that she’s the one who organized everything and doesn’t leave the command centre for a second.

Lina Ruprecht

Lina is creative, encouraging and innovative. She has an eye for aesthetics and also practical thinking. Together with a tailor from Bern she and the team designed and improved Sweather.

Luziana “Luu” Biino

Luu is the analytical brain of Sweather. When new solutions have to be found for old problems, Luu surely is the person to ask.

Leonie Grob

When Sweather needs a creative and cheerful ad campaign, Leonie is the best person because it’s a reflection of her personality.

Vera Messerli
Marketing und IT

Vera has lived in Great Britain, New Zealand, Lausanne and Murten. Therefore she knows how to communicate in various languages. During her time in New Zealand she wrote a blog about her life there, which is also why Vera is the right person to fill the gap between marketing and IT.