What is a Sweather?


Sweather has the shape of a sweater. It’s the result of a mix of style and comfort.


The fabric has been chosen by us with great care. It is waterproof and therefore repels rain. Thanks to the light material, Sweather is suitable for outdoor sports and activities. It can be worn as a flexible clothing piece over various layers during cold or warm weather .


The Sweather is equipped with a hood and a big belt bag. It’s the perfect place to keep your smartphone and purse.

Developed in Switzerland

Sweather has been developed by students of the Kirchenfeld College. It is manufactured by our trustworthy partner. The manufacturer was referred to us by relatives.

Who is Sweather?

How did the idea originate?

The family of one of the team members of Sweather was hiking along the coast of Southern England during a holiday. The weather was foggy and rainy. Everyone was displeased with their raincoat and agreed that there had to be a more fashionable and trendier option.
When it came to finding the right product for our mini startup, every team member presented several ideas and we settled on the best ones. Sweather was one of them.
We are a group of motivated students who compliment each other perfectly thanks to our different strengths. The company was founded with the guidance of “Young Enterprise Switzerland” (YES).
During the course of this year, we will experience developing, manufacturing and marketing our products. Cooperation is key to us, as an enterprise can only function through team work. It is important to us to offer a product with which we can identify. That is why we try to produce our Sweathers as fair as possible.

What is yes?

Through the “Company Programme” of “YES”, students establish and run a mini enterprise during the period of a year. Their work is being guided by teachers and an experienced adviser. The young entrepreneurs are being supervised by a program manager from Young Enterprise Switzerland.